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Assessments & Testing


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At Rocky Mountain Speech, Language, & Learning, we provide thorough, careful evaluations to help you make confident, informed decisions.  Each evaluation utilizes objective and standardized measures and, whenever possible, includes feedback from family members, teachers, doctors, and others. 

Our evaluations vary with the type and number of skills assessed as well as the age of the client. 


For example:

  • Speech articulation assessments take 30-90 minutes

  • Learning disability evaluations often take 3-6 hours and depend on the area(s) to be assessed.   

  • Auditory processing assessments often include assessments of learning, executive function, and language skills.  They can take up to 9 hours and two professionals (an Audiologist and Speech-Language Pathologist).

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As necessary, we test over multiple sessions.  We frequently offer evening and weekend testing times to minimize the impact on work and school.

After each evaluation, we provide a 1 hour review during which we discuss the results, recommendations, and next steps.  Formal evaluation reports include diagnoses and recommended accommodations.  These reports can be used to seek accommodations or supports at school and work.  

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